The history of this beautiful semi gothic structure of today dates back to 1570 when the Portugese priests placed the first edifice in the Santa Anna Church, which later got the status of Shrine in 1943 and on 5th December, 1954 the Shrine was given the status of a Minor Basilica by Pope Pius XII. Pope Paul Vi and Pope John Paul II have visited this Basilica.

Perched on top of the Bandra hillock, the Basilica of Our Lady of Mount is well known in the city of Mumbai and around for the festival called "Bandra Fair".

Held generally around the feast of Nativity of Mother Mary, this grand celebration lasting 8 days, attracts people of all religions to vist the place, pay their respects, pray for intentions and move around in the Fair which contains variety entertainment including numerous stall of different variety of sweets, eatables, religious relics, music CDs/DVDs, giant wheels, apparel and many other things.

alter of Mount Mary
Alter of Mount Mary
gathering outside the church
Gathering outside the church
police volunteer
Police Volunteers
Que for offering
Que for offerings

Devotees attend mass, offer flowers, candles and wax made offerings in thanksgiving to our Lady of Mount during the celebrations.

Built originally in 1894 for the benefit of the residents of Bandra hill, this place of worship needed a new and bigger structure on account of increase in the flow of devotees and Christians in the locality. The new building was constructed late in the 70's.

The statue of our Lady bethrowed in golden robes and crowns, stands as a testimony of reverence to the thousands of devotees who visit the church during the Fair.

One of the major attractions for residents of Mumbai is the 'Bandra Fair' filled with stalls of various items like sweets, statues, relics, garments, eateries, entertainment etc. Lasting a full week Sunday to Sunday after 8th September each year, this fair is very popular with devotees of all faiths.


alter of Mount Mary, Bandra

Inside - Image source : en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mount_Mary_Church,_Bandra

Video of inside Mount Mary Church at Bandra on 14.09.2014 (Bandra Fair)