The Church of St.Lawrence at Attur in Karkala Taluka of South Karnataka is a 250 years old Roman Catholic church with a tradition of favouring the needs of the devotees over the years. The annual festival which is popularly known locally as “Karkala Festival” or “Attur Fest” is generally held in the last week of January every year.

Church of St. Lawrence at Attur — Karkala was in existence in the 18th Century. it is a place for pilgrimage. Pilgrims from all sides came to this sacred place and innumerable were the favours granted by the Saint. The Novenas to St.Lawrence started in the year 1895 and continues even today. St. Lawrence of Attur is known for his astonishing power of intercession. Not only the residents of Karkala and the pilgrims flocking there in great numbers, but also devotees who invoke St. Lawrence of Attur without visiting the shrine have experienced his powerful intercession. The number of pilgrims to the place throughout the year and specially those during the feast days in the month of January is an evident proof that St. Lawrence does not disappoint those who come to him in faith and devotion. People from all faiths throng the church on this occasion.

attur church
Church of St.Lawrence, Attur, Karkala
attur church
Adoration Center outside the church

Thousands visit this place from all across the state and outside to offer prayer and thanksgiving. Devotees are known to walk from Belle, Shirva and other places at a distance of about 40 to 60 kms to reach the Shrine during the three days of festival. There is a fair held during the festival time.

Lot of exapansion has taken place since the time the church was built. Parking vehicles was always been a problem which now appears to have been redressed by making available parking on both sides entry roads.

I had a miraculous espace from an accident near the adoration center. After praying in the church, I was moving towards the adoration center when I thought of lighting some candles. The candles were available in the next block and that block was under repairs. There were 2 men working on the roof of the block and while walking towards the block, suddenly I heard a noise and looking down I saw that a galss bottle used by the workers for drinking water had fallen down and broke just a few inches away from my head. Turning around I thanked the Saint for saving me from an accident.

There are regular buses going to Karkala from Mangalore, Udupi, Coondapura and other centres. Attur is on the way of Karkala town.

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